Rock your world. ‘Nova style.

Hi SuperNovas!

I know I’ve been extra hush-hush these last couple days … but I promise to have really profound, meaningful reasons for it. (Not that I am making any excuses here …. or am I?)

Let’s just say that there are some surprises in store that are utterly lovable. However, they’re still very top hush-hush, so till then I thought I’d share another kind of illumination with you.


Stepping out of the world of fashionistas and international runways in the heart of Cape Town, I got home to a little surprise on my desk via NYC. Talk about perfect timing! And with an album art like this, and all the spiritual and metaphysical undertones whose real name happens to be Ulises, you bet that it got my attention. The cards had spoken; this name was set for something legendary.

Think about this. Take a dollop of Timberland, simmer in some Ricky Martin, season it with symbols of Prince and add a splash of Lady Gaga. Then fuse in some ancient tribal vibes of lands long forgotten and you have 6 – The Album! (with 6 fresh tracks!)

According to Pink Panther he came “to rock this world, and love is the message” However his mission is a little deeper than that. According to his bio the mission to create sonic tones & harmonies that awakens and activates the theater of the mind. Given everything I’ve seen and heard to date, I concur.

Dare I say there may even be a certain SuperNovaness about this daring, crafting, authentic, magnetic, and interestingly branded fusion (but that’s a story for another time). “After recognizing faults in the entertainment industry and understanding where it falls short allows me to deliver precisely what it lacks. Every single song on this 6 track EP was written with radio in mind with each song packing the production power, lyrical content, and musical punch to deliver a hit in today’s music industry.” he says.

So why I am telling you about some album?

Well apart from the fact that it’s totally buyable and likable …. This guy knows how to live his story. So watch this space for a deeper look at the art of legend making. It’s a must know for every SuperNova.

Ulises has found his element and clearly owns it. Stand out tracks (harder to name than you think) include: Love Frontier (International Hit waiting to explode! Movable, fashionable and utterly grooveable on instant replay. Can’t wait to see the music video); Cresendo (nice-and-easy, smooth, lovable, ponderable, travelable and loungable mood-shaped tunes); and the infectious Pink Panther (Very Gaga’licious. Ohhh!)

In short. Buyable. Meaning what are you waiting for?

Get it via itunes here. and don’t forget to watch this space.




24 thoughts on “Rock your world. ‘Nova style.

  1. Thank you for the intro to new music. I haven’t heard of the music, but will look into it to try and give it a listen now. I like hearing new-to-me music. 🙂

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