Why pressing the snooze button is bad for you.

Slithering out from under the duvet with the biggest grin on my face – I spent the next 15 minutes doing GiGong. It’s one of those things that personally really grounds me, and helps me connect energetically and spiritually to my life force (and the forces that seep into my day). Yesterday I committed to starting this again. (I can’t even remember the last time I gave myself one of these sessions.)

However last night the energy was really different. It was predicted that Cape Town would stoop to an all time low of 2 degrees. I mean there was snow on the streets where there has never been snow before. My mind, soul, and body fell into war. Waking up at the crack of dawn in what might as well be zero felt wrong for every reason.

So why I am telling you all this?

Well…. as an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer you get to pretty much call your own shots. With that superpower, comes a curse (an opt out card) especially for those of us to work from home. It’s super easy to slump into what feels comfortable and dazed instead of engaging with the very thing that gives you pure freedom. It’s easy to press snooze, procrastinate, and simply ignore the things that pushes your limits. But here’s the thing about that, as a human being you’re constantly growing, but you can only grow as far as your cage allows you to grow.

When I create or coach from a GiGong infused mindset – magic happens.

When I don’t – I find it harder to connect, and being creative becomes a finger drumming experience. That’s awesome for my inner-drummer but not so for my SuperNova.

It’s amazing to see how the smallest of choices blown up becomes a metaphor for how we live your lives, and attract wealth and success.

  1. What are you denying yourself?
  2. What are you not giving yourself?
  3. What are you confining yourself too being?

” Who you are being and what you give is the same thing ” Lillian Moore

You might have seen that on my Facebook Page yesterday but it’s so true. We think we’re being someone, or we’re aiming at being someone, but what we put out right this second might not be a frequent match.

So think about the person you truly are – the SuperNova within – and ask yourself how is she/he being?

Ask yourself that are you doing that compliments that?

And finally what effect do those actions give to the world?

Think about how you serve yourself, your tribe, this transformation, and the planet.

Then take the next step. Untitled design

Once you know the answers to the above …

  • Decide on what you want
  • Decide on what serves you the best (without compromising the other person)
  • Decide what you want to do about that
  • Decide what needs to be done to do that
  • Decide to take the action
  • Keep repeating this process with each action and sub-action
  • Keep deciding to hold the intention
  • Keep deciding on the result

Decide to step into your success rather than delaying it, stalling it, robbing it, hijacking it, or whatever else it is that you do to yourself. Stop trying to smother your inner Nova, your purpose, your light, your talents, your greatness.

Big things only start to happen when you’re READY to meet your moment.





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