Success and Failure Formula

What if you could discover your very own blueprint of success?

Are the things that you are doing right now part of your winning formula or are they a part of your losing formula …?

Wouldn’t it be powerful to know what makes you shine ?

This 2 hour Life Coaching Program is especially designed to uncover your blueprint for Success.

Discover :

1.               Your success formula.

2.               Which formula works best, in various circumstances.

3.               Your losing formula, and what you can do if you start down that path.

4.               How to create the experiences you want in life.

5.               How to identify and let go of things you no longer want.

6.               The difference between getting what you want vs. what you think you want.

7.               How to move beyond your current limits.

8.               How to get what matters most to you.

9.               Eliminate any conflict between work and play, and have a lot more of both.

10.           What causes you to pick the wrong formula, and what to do about it.

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