21 things every successful crowd funding campaign needs


Here are the 21 things you need to do to be a WINNER

  • GETTING CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT and learn how to communicate that to the world POWERFULLY! Every little piece of your campaign must be able to stand on its own and tell a story. Of course it’ll make sense to you – you created it. But, that doesn’t mean everyone is going to get it, so test your message out before hitting the publish button. Every tweet, blog, image, and video needs to inspire action. Think of a crowd funding campaign like a brand, and make sure you have the right mix of elements.


  • HOLDING THE INTENTION – What are you really wanting to achieve here. I want you to big a little deeper than a big fat cheque. What will this enable you to experience? My intention was to live in flow and experience receiving so that I can live my purpose. When I lost sight of that and made it about the money … things got ugly really fast.


  • REMEMBERING THE WHY. Don’t confuse the journey with the destination. It’s not easy, but it makes the world of difference. If you forget the WHY then it becomes about the HOW. If it becomes about the how, then it’s all about tactics, strategies, and smoke and mirrors. In my case, I wanted to experience flow and receiving. When I made it about just the numbers, I ended up cutting off all the natural water springs and trying to create elaborate water systems to make it flow up hill. That was my first big no-no. The second was I made receiving about money and only money.  The fact that 70 people (most of them strangers) where sharing and interacting meant close to nothing. When I remembered the WHY and held my intention I started receiving in ways what I never imagined. The campaign was a channel or a front for it… but boy, did I discover a million doorways…


  • STARTING WHERE YOU ARE. I hear you. You’re here because you need money. That’s the point right?!? Sure. However that doesn’t mean you can’t start where you are. Don’t hand your power over to fate. Even some successful campaigns mess this one up. They wait till the end and then can’t handle the orders, or the pressures and they flunk harder than those who didn’t earn a dime.


  • DOING THE  OUTER WORK. The marketing. The networking. The campaign. The prep work. The work-work. When they say running a crowd funding campaign is like a full time job, they aren’t kidding. Get your ducks in a row and start making things happen from ground zero.P.S. Your investors will appreciate your passion and dedication, and that can mean even more bucks.


  • DOING THE INNER WORK. Remember we’re dealing with money here and money has it’s own little source of energy. If your relationship with money is rocky, do even more work. Here are some other things you might want to consider working on: your expectations, your beliefs around success, questions around your worth, and feelings like acceptance. Start there, keep working towards center.


  • LEARNING TO ASK FOR HELP. This falls into inner work too, but since it’s a biggie I gave it some space. Crowd Funding is about being able to wholeheartedly ask for help. It comes with being vulnerable and courageous.



  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUPPORTERS. You are going to wake up to all sorts of days in your crowd funding journey and you are going to need all the support you can get. You’ll also need a tribe to help you spread the word, and be on the guest list to invest first up. Get clear on what support looks like and give them options on how they can play in this little game.


  • DISCOVER WHAT WORKS. Do your research. What are the best practices? Where does your potential audience hang out? How much work is needed to make it successful? What should you be aware of?


  • CONNECT WITH EXPERTS . Google can only tell you so much. Mentors can give you real time and in your face feedback. Some cost. Some don’t.  The better question to ask is how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?


  • LEARNING TO RECEIVE. Ever catch yourself thinking you don’t deserve this or can’t accept something without strings attached?


  • LIVING WITH COURAGE. It takes courage to put a campaign like this together. It takes courage to press the publish button. It takes even more to weather the storm and stand your ground. Everything you want lives on the other side of fear. That’s why you’re here.


  • BEING BOLD AND INNOVATIVE. Put 120% of yourself, your dreams and your heart out there. Push the limits. Push your limits. Drop the limits.


  • LETTING GO OF JUDGEMENT. Stop trying to get inside everyone’s head and figure out what they’re thinking. We all think we have that superpower but the truth is we are terrible at it. The only mind we end up reading is our own. Stop being your own worst enemy. Stop trying to trip yourself up. You are awesome. Everything else is a lie.


  • STAYING IN YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS. Do what you  love and  love what you do.  If you’re terrible at writing copy – invest in an expert and watch it pay off. Sure, you might have to do things you don’t like. Staying in your genius zone is not a substitute for living in your comfort zone.




  • STEPPING INTO THE UNKNOWN. Crowd funding, like most things, is a huge unknown. The control shifts to just you to a dance between you and the world and you never know where the beat is going to take you next… or if it takes you anywhere at all. Drop those expectations. Be ok with not knowing.


  • LISTENING TO THE UNIVERSE. It might be trying to help you out in other ways. Don’t discount miracles of any size. Don’t shut your eyes or block your ears. The universe will conspire to create doors where there were only walls.






  • SURRENDER fully and without expectation. That’s where the magic happens.


  • INVEST IN YOURSELF. Do the work. Clock the time. Pay the bills. Pay yourself and invest in services to help you get your campaign out there in front of the right people.



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