Moving beyond Potential

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The same element that makes diamonds – creates life .

The choice is do you want to live a life filled with potential or are you ready to crack that wide open, illuminate the depths, and discover the diamond.

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I know a lot of people say they want to be a diamond, they crave it, and yet they shut every door and bar up every window…anything to block the light. Being a diamond isn’t easy. Becoming a butterfly requires real and very deep letting go. None of it is easy … Howe ever when you step over the threshold of blegh, brush past the gremlins and embrace the glowing ember & roaring fire of who you really are – there is no turning back. There’s no reason to.

Pinning illuminated wisdoms, sharing heartfelt posts, daydreaming of just how powerful you could be pales in comparison. Thinking greatness and talking about greatness, even envisioning greatness means ziltch. It’s often where it starts, for sure. But the sad truth is most people live out their lives – with their potential being dangled on a stick in front of them. It’s there, dressed in sparkles, and out of reach.

That’s the choice we make when our actions are that of a rock. We have heaps of potential, but we die a rock.

Now most of us might feel like rocks is we measure ourselves against the lives of Oprah, Richard Branson, and even Steve Jobs). I know I do. But that’s really unfair. No one at the starting line can ever compare themselves with someone until they’re started the race, won the race, and continued to train. After all every expect was a beginner once upon a time.  Now that’s the truth!

And yet, we harp our lives around this thing we call potential.


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Don’t die with your potential intact!

Don’t settle for smoke and mirrors of would’s, could’s, should’s and maybes ….

The more I think about it, the more that word gets under my skin. Conceptually, it has merit. It has ability. It’s something that waiting to ignite and be discovered. And yet, it’s gooey and lumpy and just somewhat blurry.  But hey, it’s your choice – I can’t tell you how to live your life. I’m just offering a new perspective. An invitation to create the life you want.




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