The Black Hole Effect

How snug are you wrapped up in your comfort zone, your safe space?

I know that deep down all you really want to do is fly … soar beyond the clouds … touch the blue skies …. and feel the warm glow of the sun all around you. That’s your intention. You want be step up and be amazing. You know you are …

So you surround yourself with wings.

  • Embrace them.
  • Cuddle in them.
  • Settle in them.

 Find a cozy spot that seems to fit just right…. it’s better then being out there in the cold. Isn’t it? 

… And so you decide the sky will happen another time. Tomorrow. Becuase you’re not in the mood to get yourself in a flutter. It’s just not worth it. Besides you’re comfortable. 

The rest of the world can wait … for a better day ….

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar ???

How’s that serving you …. and I mean the ultimate you ? 

I find it fascinating that people freak out about doing something – not just because of the the sweat – but because of the unknown factor of what might happen.

Either way you have no idea what’s going to happen. But the chances of success increase when you actually do the right thing.

We tuck ourselves up in the the comfort of blankets and bury ourselves in a bubble of fear – because the big, dark, illusive unknown is just to much to deal with. 

Has the irony of that sunk in yet?  Seriously, what makes living in a bubble any safer?

Now, before the chorus breaks out … I want you to take a deep breathe and actually here the words coming out of your mouth.

Are you settling for safety or just the idea of what’s safe? 

See, the truth is we don’t really know where any path will lead us. We might not even be around next week to figure it out. The only assumption we can make is that : if we hang around in the same void (no matter how snazy the decor), chances are – we’ll pretty much stay here. So 20 years down the line we’ll be dealing with the same stuff we did today. The only difference is we’ll have more wrinkles and we’ll be living a non-purposeful-life. Life as we know it will be a void. Kinda like a Black Hole.

There’s only one place where you can truly feel safe – and that’s where you have everything you want. Trust me, there’s nothing plush about it!

I recall working at this company, being to scared to leave and own my power, because I told myself that felt safe. But the truth is, how safe was hitting zero on your bank account before month end, working overtime, and not receiving my worth? I was freaking out. Eating myself up from the inside out. I was living in a black hole and I didn’t even know it.

What does it really mean to be safe?

Can you take your head out of the sand and say for sure that you feel safe where you are right now?

Stop getting in your own sweet way

There’s greatness inside of you (of all of us) banging to come out. It doesn’t want to shut up for another year. It’s getting tired of playing it safe or waiting on some sort of golden ticket. Can you really keep denying yourself any longer?


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20 thoughts on “The Black Hole Effect

  1. While it’s nice to feel safe, it’s also not good to stay in that state for a long time.
    It’s when a person gets out of his / her comfort zone that he / she realizes that change will make us better individuals if we see at as an opportunity rather than as a setback.

  2. Hmm Feeling Safe! To be honest with you Lena I would rather live a life that’s Happy and I know where you are coming from on the Just Over Broke front and giving up your time for money working for ‘The Man’

    It’s madness I tell you! you should read my friend Ryan’s blog who it a fired security guard and is currently living in Koh Lanta, who for the past three or four years has been travelling the globe blogging on Cash With A True Conscience!

    Like I say I would rather be happy than safe as I am a risk taker! Best thing I ever done was quit my J.O.B and become self-employed to work for Me!
    Still got a boss though in my partner Louise!

    Great post btw I loved it!
    – PD

  3. Good point. An old cliche said, “Life begins when you are out of your comfort zone.” I guess it just takes a lot of courage to go and do things outside your comfort zone. But as what you have said, we don’t know what will happen next. So staying in our comfort zone and not even trying to do something new is not a guarantee for safety.

  4. I have been trying so hard the last couple of years to get out of the safe zone and fly to a better place. The scariest thing I did was along with my husband sold most of our possessions and left the only life we have ever know to start completely over somewhere new. So far it has been a great thing. The second thing I have ever done was to hit “publish” for the first time a few months ago. Thank God we did both!

    • Look at you making a bang with the publish button. It might be such a little thing – but it’s huge in your world. That’s why it took you so long to be okay with putting yourself out there. That takes courage. So does starting over!

    • WOW! Thank you for that feedback. I appreciate it – since I enjoyed reading yours the other day too. To answer your other question – I am a Coach (Life Coaching and Marketing Coaching). So YAY! I’m glad it came through.

    • Agreed @patranila getting out of your own way isn’t easy …. but on the other hand it’s the simplest thing to do.

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