The Enlightened Fish | Written by Jafree Ozwald

“See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be.” ~ Lester Levinson

I’ve found the most profound lessons in life can be revealed from looking inside the most ordinary life experiences. One of my favorites is a metaphor I’ve found that equates our mind to being like fishbowl, with an overly active goldfish swimming inside who is playing the part of our ego. This overly domesticated animal swims in circles all day, hoping for something in this world to satisfy it’s soul. He has lost his tiger shark instincts from swimming around and around the same pool all day long. Over the years he reluctantly seeks for a way to be liberated from his apparent prison, and has completely forgotten about the great Ocean of existence which he came from.

What’s unique about this special fish and bowl, is there is a clear beam of piercing sunlight that is always shining through the glass. This brilliant sunlight always hits this crystal prism hanging down in the center of the water, which radiates thousands of rainbows for Mr. Fish to enjoy. He hovers next to the magic crystal and stares deeply into it, becoming soothed, mesmerized and intoxicated by the rainbows of light energy. When the waters are calm and clear, he becomes so immersed in the beauty reflected all around his bowl that he completely stops suffering in his search for a morsel of real pleasure and freedom.

Typically, not many truly exciting events occur inside his little fishbowl. Yet one day, it just so happened that Mr. Fish’s caregivers thought that he would enjoy something new to be entertained with. They dropped in some delicious new fish food, a few drops of tequila, and one super sexy female fish. What happened then was quite a turbulent adventure! The outrageously excited and uninhibited Mr. Fish begin swimming faster around his bowl trying to catch Ms Fish, all while randomly chasing flying food and enjoying inhaling his new intoxicating water. She liked the chase, and so the faster they swam the more muck was stirred up from the bottom of the bowl. It wasn’t long before they were unable to see each other, smell the tasty food, or feel the effect from the brilliant world of rainbow lights that were once all around.

As the story goes, Mr. Fish became quite gloomy, mirroring his outer world.  He then decided there was nothing he could do about his murky situation but give up on his conquest to chase after his feverish desires. So he begin to refocus his attention on what was outside, getting closer to the glass peering the far outer world. As he watched his fellow humans being mesmerized by their facebook pages and texting on their cell phones, he would feverishly wag his little tail as he became excited and stirred up the waters even more. A deep longing arose in him to buy a bigger tank, settle down with Ms Fish, and perhaps one day even swim in the big grand Ocean together. He forgot all about his younger days of gazing into the rainbow light which he once loved in his guppy hood.

After some time viewing the humans interact, Mr. Fish became exhausted.  He felt worn out in his search of the far outer world for some faint satisfaction and relief from his constant state of inner desire. So he came to the conclusion to stop making any inner or outer efforts, and just relax about everything in his life. His tail stopped fluttering and slowly, very slowly, the cloudy fishbowl waters began to settle and he noticed his life became less murky. After a few days time of stillness, the waters become crystal clear, and the brilliant beam of sunlight began to shine through again! He could see the crystal prism (consciousness) hanging in the center, and the brilliant rays of rainbow light reflecting off his new found sexy friend who was sitting right beside him all along.

“In the stillness lies the greatest power. When consciousness becomes perfectly still, the illusion is perfectly understood because it is consciousness that is creating the illusion. When the thinking mind is still, then you see reality as it is.” ~Awaken The World Film

It just happens in the human experience that we become overly fixated, attached, distracted or addicted to something or someone in our outer life, and it becomes more important than our inner world. When our mind becomes too busy, and clouded with doing things, we forget about being present to the amazing world we live in and appreciating the life and breath we have. We forget that we all were born with the gift of laughter, taking life less seriously, and that we each were born with the ability to enjoy life by simply being.

Anytime we are suffering in our lives, we are too attached to something we desire.  When we get agitated easily, live in constant state of anxiety, and perpetually trying to feed our every desire, we feel trapped in a state of poverty consciousness. This breeds unhappy relationships, financial struggle, lack in health, and the feeling that we’ve lost the ability to find our spiritual path. All this suffering is life’s way of showing us that we are placing too much focus in the wrong direction, and need to reverse our attention towards the brilliant light shining from the inside.

Whenever we suffer, we have lost sight of the big goal which is the light of pure consciousness that shines at the center of our bowl. Believe it or not, this world is truly filled with light, love and rainbows when we have the eyes to see it.  The reality we create from within is real.  When we stop our scattered, deluded, skeptical minds from filtering the information we see an amazing world is revealed.  We discover the divine connection within, and the sweet simple joy of who and what we truly are.  We are human and divine.  Beings who can enjoy being alive, content with the basic pleasures that life offers and immersed in loving caring relationships who reflect our level of satisfaction.

With our mind is focused on the light within, we stop searching, swimming and seeking for something to satisfy outside ourselves. The real nourishment in life stems from that which does not change.  Which is something that cannot be found in our outer world.  Only when we relax within and inquire into our very center, without movement of the body or mind (meditation), we will find the eternal light of consciousness.  This again is only thing which truly and always satisfies us. The source of rainbow light, that brilliant pure consciousness is who and what we truly are.

“You are neither consciousness nor its content. You are the timeless source…the supreme reality. Trust that.” -Nisargadatta

The big questions I’d like you to ask yourself today are these. What are you swimming about in your bowl and searching for each day? What are you doing in your life that is causing the muck in your fishbowl to be stirred up from the bottom? What things do you do which dull your natural animal instincts? What can you do this week to clear your inner waters and allow the radiant rainbows of light to start pouring through? What happens when you pay attention to the crystal prism (consciousness) that shines within you? When was the last time you truly stopped swimming in circles and just relaxed? What happened?


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