How to become a transformer …



But what does that even mean?


1. Transform other peoples lives by contributing to the SuperNova Campaign.On this level, you’re helping this project get out there and you’re on the team that’s contributing.

You’re the kind of person to put your money where your mouth is.You’re a doer.You’re inspired to make things happen.You’re just awesome that way.





2. Transform the lives of your audience by receiving what you need to put your brand front row centre in front of the people who really matter.


You want to access the tools and resources to live your purpose and create a meaningful life for your clients. Brilliant.

Why wait? Don’t wait till tomorrow or when it’s officially the launch date! Too much junk can happen between there and now in your life – and you could go way off centre.

If you contribute to this campaign, you secure a chance to get coached, to access resources, surprises, and a guide on how to DIY it.



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