A guide to being sociable – Part One

We live in the day of SPAM. It’s all around us. It’s us. TAG – we’re it.

Even with the best of intentions – we still do it. I’m guilty, and so are you!

It’s like we have forgotten how to be social on social media. Instead we share and punt and talk about all the things the web gods call SPAM. Every weblink (even to your accepted and very much opted-in mailing list is … wait for it … SPAM.

And the spam gods are watching. And they’re really not liking our humble outcries to be heard, or to share something dear to us, or boast about the best blog post we’re written in weeks.

Oh no. It’s spam.


Let’s face the facts:

  • Paid Facebook advertising gets you cobwebs.
  • SEO rules are flying out the window.
  • Twitter changes it layout …
  • And we’re all doing social media very wrong.
  • Very Very VERY wrong.


Tragic isn’t it? The worst news is if we keep this up …. we might even get cut out from the things we cherish most. Our Twitter/ Facebook / Google threads. Given that we need to do some work ….






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