The anatomy of crowd funding – Part 2


 It’s easy to set a play date with desperation … as you continue to look over your shoulder and ask the aged honoured question “Are we there yet?”

But the greatest lesson you can learn is that of surrender.

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” – Julia Cameron


See, no one likes a party popper or a desperado … and let’s face it this little tactic gets you no where quickly. It could actually result in a lot of bad press.

So here’s where most people lost it altogether!

Most people thing that crowd funding just happens without any effort. They become masters of surrender … except they’re driven by blind hope (and that’s not going to get you anywhere!)

Others punt countless demands and clog out their twitter feed with the repugnant smell of desperation. It’s simply sickening.

The true anatomy of crowd funding lies in the becoming a skilled tight rope walker, weaving their way through the cracks and spaces in-between.

Here are 10 qualities you need to have to run an effective crowd funding campaign

  1. Be Inspiring – People are more likely to be drawn to you.
  2. Network it. Grow your network every day. The bigger your network, the bigger your tribe.
  3. Be a Leader – Pave the way, be follow-able, be humble, be notable.
  4. Tread lightly. Watch the stats, follow the trends, make calculated risks, learn where to pivot.
  5. Be bold. Show them how much you deserve it.
  6. Gratitude. Honour people’s contribution.
  7. Be Giving. Create value, inspire action, create abundance.
  8. Authentic – Be true to your purpose, to your mission, to your network, and to yourself.
  9. Be trusting. Give the world a little breathing time. Drop the expectations. Allow.
  10. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up or walking away.






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