Today’s guide to being awesome



I hear ya, money is tight these days and it’s rare to simply give things away without wanting something in return. Though, wouldn’t the world be a better place if there where more moments like that.

So here’s something that feels more conventional. A trade. Money for Meaning + Value + Something that’s actually awesome. Like getting coached, or getting resources that help you be more effective, or books that help you discover your calling. Actually all that is pretty priceless come to think of it – and if you know how transformation these things are – you’ll agree.

So be your own hero (and one to someone else in good measure) and invest in something meaningful.

Here’s you’re be awesome assignment for today.

1. Like this post

2. Visit and like that too

3. If you’re feeling daring – share it

BONUS STEP 4. If you’re feeling SuperNovaish – contribute




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