The real anatomy of crowd funding – part one

Ever since starting my crowd funding campaign via, I’ve been doing some deep soulful thinking.

Thoughts like:

  • What took me so long to get started?
  • What if …. ?

Crowd funding isn’t a newbie.  It’s been around for a while now, and it’s growing in popularity.

Here’s a tweetable.

Did you know 
#crowdfunding raised $5.1 billion for philanthropic causes in 2013? A 60% growth of peer-to-peer giving since 2012. #SkollWF



In fact, since starting my campaign everyone (and I mean everyone) I chat too is considering it. But it seems for most people all this ever will be is a whimsy. A Aha, sounds like a good idea – turn around and go back to sleep kinda deal. Some (like me) just need to wait for the ermmmm opportune moment.

That brings me to my second point.

What if?

See, as easy as this idea of ask and receive is on paper – a lot of people sure do have an issue with it. I never realised how brave a person needs to be to go out there and ask the world to give them money.

You need to be OK with being vulnerable 

The world may see a side of you it’s hasn’t seen in a while (of ever).

It’s going to see this bright-eyed, busy tailed, excitable little created with its hands out asking, begging, pleaded for just a little more.

“Please Sir, I want some more” 

Because for whatever reason applies, your dreams, your future, the happiness of this very planet depends on this.

Because the world needs that very thing you have to offer.

You’ve been starving your purpose for long enough now. Isn’t it time for something transformational?



You need to be a go getter

You need to be able to look fear in the face and laugh at it!

You need to want this with all your heart. Every fibre needs to tingle. Your passion, drive, mission, and intention need to be bolder than those pesky little gremlins. You know the type – don’t you?

Find out what Brene Brown says about them here

Above all you need to be ok with stepping into the unknown

There are 1ooo’s of success stories. But there are also enough failures to make you doubt yourself.  The truth is there’s still a huge unknown and you have to learn to deal with that. You don’t know how this is going to work out. Best Practises involve, spam folders are constantly looking for something to chow on, and … blah blah blah

The other big thing I noticed is people make it personal.

Way to personal.

They ending thinking crazy thoughts like ….


No one loves them.

That sort of usual melodrama.

Truth is, this is nothing to do with you (ok, maybe a little) the truth is unless you hang out with the original Robin Hood, chances are it’s really about something else.


  • Maybe you’re not being vulnerable enough. Maybe you’re not broadcasting loud enough, far enough, or even in the right direction?
  • Maybe people aren’t vested in what you have to offer. Are your rewards actually valuable, wantable, useful?
  • Maybe no one’s interested in some robot who can do cartwheels like handing all your paperwork … ?
  • Maybe you didn’t put enough time into it?
  • Maybe you abandoned it?
  • Maybe you should have invested in yourself?

So take a deep breath. The world hasn’t ended yet. 


And let me close by saying, as of right now I am :

  1. 44% closer to my becoming a SuperNova
  2. 24% closer to publishing my book and sharing it with the world
  3. 14% closer to blasting my mission out there and making 100’s if not 1000’s of dreams come true.

Because let’s face it. My dream is your dream.


If you’re up for creating your best life – and empowering people to do the same, you are in for a treat on the other side. And the great news is you don’t have to be a Oprah to do this.


All it takes is you, your mission, and investing in making great things happen (even if it is just for yourself!)

Like what you read, want to get involved in my campaign? go to




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