Give a little. Get a lot.

















Launching Greatness: Online Coaching Program & Book Launch

With a background in Television, Theatre, Events, Media, Marketing and Entertainment (specifically the Music Industry), I know what it takes to be a star in the leading role of a great script. I know what it takes to put yourself out there. Most of all, I know just how scary that can be.

Just like you, I had a story to share. So there I was blogging my little heart out, while helping other people discover their story. It was only when I connected the dots, did I realize mine. I’m inspired to help people step into a new way of being … and that involves stepping into ones greatness.

What started as a book (a journey of self-discovery) – shifted into an online coaching program called the SuperNova Sessions.

Milestone 1:

Where will your contributions go? 
1. Website development costs
2. Content generating systems and tools
3. Promoting the launch of the supernova sessions


Milestone 2:

Where will your contributions go? 
1. Copy Editing and Proof Reading
2. Publishing and distribution costs via (Amazon, Sony, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo)
3. Marketing and Promotional costs
4. Launch costs

Be a part of the transformational team!

I can’t do this alone. I need your help.
• Milestone 1 @ R5 000.00 enables me to launch and the SuperNovaSessions
• Milestone 2 @ R9 000.00 enables me to edit, publish, and promote my book “First Bang, then Glimmer” (A guide to becoming a SuperNova)
• Milestone 3 @R15 000 enables me to do both (with a focus on course development, delivery and larger scale launch)

Big things only start to happen when you’re READY to meet your moment. Are you ready? 


Other Perks

The South African Rand currently stands at 0.096  to the US Dollar and 0.069 to the Euro

That’s good news to the both of us. Why?

Well my campaign is priced in Rands (ZAR) and less that $5 gets you in the door ….

(that’s less that 4 Euros). So help me help you help everybody else.




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