10 tips to making things happen

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19 thoughts on “10 tips to making things happen

  1. Hello My name is… Network It. Love that quote Lena!
    These are some awesome images where did you get them from?
    or did you make them yourself?
    Top Post anyway!
    – PD

    • Ever since I’ve moved into creating the SuperNova Sessions I’ve been inspired to be more creative. I’m no designer but I’m pretty proud of it.
      P.S. Nice to meet you!

      • You Too Lena!
        I do my designing in Adobe Fireworks as first and foremost I am a Web Designer and Developer then a Blogger!
        Anyway going to follow you on pinterest now!
        Have a great day creating!
        – PD

  2. I think the most important part is to do the work, haha thanks for these inspirational messages.

  3. Words of inspiration really work for me. I like that there’s a tip on renting a crowd. Sometimes our energy is being sucked from unmotivated people, and one of the easiest ways to regain strength to be the awesomeness that one is is to change the human environment! It can do wonders with how stress is handled and how goals can be more clearly met when you’re with the right mindset.

  4. This is so inspiring!!
    And I just loved the way you have demonstrated it all with designing. I have taken out the print out and it directly goes to my Display board 😀

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