The power of words and how they limit your potential

“The cage has always been open, and the sky has always been there for us to explore.

Feel the fluttering within, spread your wings and be free!”



That’s the truth of it.

The sky is always blue, the sun is always shining – regardless of what is happening.


However we get stuck on the rain clouds clouding over our heads and we forget the truth of what’s real.

We’ve stuck on what we don’t have rather than celebrating what we do have. I guess you can go so far as to say it’s a human thing to do (since that’s what do) – but that doesn’t mean that it really needs to be that way!

The other day I entered a competition to win a book and the form asked me to name my challenges. My eyes rolled 360 degrees. Sigh. Do we really have to go there? I’m not saying that I don’t have “challenges”, “obstacles” and things that aren’t “lacking” but do I really want to put energy back into dull skies?

Over talking about your challenges?

How about embracing the opportunities? #ahamoments #supernovasessions

Now, I hear the counter argument. I hear you need to own what’s real for you and I know the value of getting your feet on the ground and being able to taste this sensation. Trust me. I highly recommend it.

I’m more about – the words we use and the way we give them power.

Why leave it there. Why re-in-act all the drama so that you’re in the thick of it again? Why turn this illusion this creation into all there ever was and will be. Why give away your power to something as mammoth as that?

So here’s my invitation to you.

Find the opportunity in every challenge. Practice that for a week at least – for a month ideally. Don’t worry about whether it’s the right one. Just step into seeing the truth of it. The sky is always blue, the sun is always shining – regardless of what is happening.

Not sure you’re doing it right?

Post yours at the end of this post and get some feedback.


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