Start with the end in mind…

Just the other day I was having a conversation with a potential SuperNova-in-the-making and all she wanted to do is dance circles around the how. She kept begging me to tell her how to make it happen.

I loved her enthusiasm to roll her sleeves up and do stuff. I felt her relentlessness power brewing up to the surface and bubbling over. She was ready to kick some serious butt. Awesome.

The thing is we had no idea what it was. Does she want to know how to peel potatoes, or how to create a meaningful life? What does any of that even mean really?

In my last blog post I spoke about the fact that you don’t really actually need a 5 year plan to get started. But here’s the trick. You do need to know where you’re headed. In this post, I’ve discuss the value of starting with the end in mind.

Here is a not so secret-secret: until you know the where and the why …. the how means absolutely zilch- nadda – nothing!

Now I get it: knowing what you want isn’t easy for everyone. It’s a soul-searching gut-wrenching fitting room with countless things that could fit (and possibly even do).  Finding things that fit are easy. You take an aptitude test and they give you 20 benchmark options (if not more). Drop what fits in favour of what it is you want! What really truely jumps you out of bed in the morning? What doesn’t feel like work? What rings true to why you’re here in the first place.

Some people tune into it off the bat. Most people haven’t got the foggiest (regardless of how they act)

I here you wanting to kick down the doors and plunge yourself into the deep end. In fact, I admire that. Not a lot of people have that tenacity. I could feel here getting anxious, and getting ready to give me a black eye. Luckily for me it was a Skype session.

See she was making it one dimensional. We often do. There’s no judgement in that, but I know from personal experience that can start to feel boring pretty soon. There’s no soul in one dimensional wants … so I kept asking.

As we dug further and deeper into the treasure trove, the cheap plastic gimmicks feel away and we started to under some real gold… and the how no longer featured. Not for that moment. Why? Because she new she needed a direction, a purpose, an understanding of that deeper path. Maybe she couldn’t paint it as a pretty picture. Maybe the edges where still fuzzy or out of focus.

Don’t make it about the plan … the how… the path. Make it about the journey.

So, what’s your end goal for March 2014? Share it with us below.


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