Do you have it all figured out?

Chances are that’s a no – and that’s perfectly normal. In fact most humans don’t. In this post I’m share my perspective on whether or not you need to have it all figured out before you start moving. The answer to that of course is no.

(pause for relief)

Most of us are either faking it till we make it, or learning on the go-go. 

I used to be a huge vision girl. Vision Boards, Creative Visualization (which I admit to still doing). I loved having things mapped out to the  “t”. Maybe it’s a Capricorn thing.

Heck, forget 5 year plans I had my life mapped out in grade 1.

I was convinced that by the time I was 30 I would know 5 languages (ok more like 10: Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Latin, Chinese, German, French, Polish, English), travel the world, get married, and run a handful of companies – while still finding time to chill and write best-sellers. (That’s the abridged version). Well guess what ? A lot of that didn’t happen … but the amazing thing is some of it is happening.

No I’m not getting married and my book is a still in production.

However if I look at my life and the kinds of projects , affiliates, and Joint Ventures I’m a part of – I can’t help squealing at the thought that x might happen or so could y. Now, I’d love to squeal all the juicy bits to you – but I’m sworn to secrecy for a couple more weeks. You’ll just have to wait  a few more weeks for the big news.

Now part of me is in wonder that Creative Visualization ( a technique used to bring dreams to life) works and that it’s all coming to fruition. However there’s another part of me thinking: Why set an expiry date on your dreams or a limit to what that could look like?

As I approached 30, my childhood list started ticking wildly. I guess that’s what some people feel at the thought of having kids asap. I knew that I was was off. Single. Still speaking the same two languages I came into the world with, and only now closing the gap to actually getting published. That’s freaky … and kinda depressing too.

 (But let’s not make it an age thing!)

The thing with 5 year plans is that most people either :

– sell themselves short

– blow themselves out of the water.

Then you forget about them and wonder where this tick tocking sensation is coming from.

Worst of all – most people haven’t got the foggiest idea of what it is they actually want. I see it in the coaching all the time, and I’ll take ownership of not always having it figured myself. It was only going through the process myself that I started to land some serious AHA’s. (even though I did have a head start back in grade 1).

Here’s the other thing I feel I need to say about this …

(I’m getting the feeling you need to hear this)

I’m lucky that a lot of the things I visualized back in grade 1 are still things that resonate with me. I still do the work and check in with myself. Do I really still want to learn Japanese? Am I just trying to check it off the list so that my inner child doesn’t throw a wobbly. Is this something that I still want to purely experience.

Most of the time we chance things that are out dated (or a very bad fashion fad). We’ve just on autopilot doing what we programme ourselves to do (or what society had programmed us to do). I recommend you stop that right this second! Connect with yourself and listen to what really moves you.

I’d love to hear from you. What’s you’re take on 5 year plans and getting started?

Drop me a comment below and let’s start a conversation.




4 thoughts on “Do you have it all figured out?

  1. Thanks for the amazing post @Lena_Ski! I hear you loud and clear. I’m not sure what I’m doing next week let alone 5 year plans. It feels tricky. Some people get it wrong coz they don’t have enough structure (like me) and others beat the hell out of it and miss all the fun bits (like my little sista). I guess this is the journey, right?

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