Sign up your next 10 clients with a click of a button. Why I love Autoresponder Madness!

Imagine clients pouring over you, throwing money at you and signing up without even needing to speak to you.

Let your email sequence do all the heavy lifting. No really

I bet you’re thinking – not this again. I hear you. My email sequences were pretty good till now. I’m doing fine.

But why be fine when you can be great. So I signed up for some sessions and even the freebie stuff blew me far far away.

So far away, that I’ve only got my head on straight to tell you about this now. And look at that serendipity – the universe really wants you to have this because it’s popped a 50% limited discount offer on the table.

Here’s a little scoop to rock-n-nova. Are you taking notes ….. Good!

Core Concept #1: The Self-Mirrored Character

Have you ever watched a television show or read a book and felt emotionally connected and engaged with a character in that story?

When the character faces a painful situation, you feel pain. When the character triumphs over a tough situation, you feel triumphant. Why does this happen?

Many scientists attribute this to special cells in your brain called “mirror neurons.”

Mirror neurons allow you to recreate certain experiences in your own brain, just by observing it in another person.

In fact, Boston University research in 2005 showed that “People have a fantasy to feel the emotions of the characters on television, and simply by reading or watching it, they get a glimpse of that emotion.”

This is why the most popular shows, movies, and books all include characters that millions of people can identify with.

Core Concept #2: The Captivating Premise

Every episode of a soap opera is centered around an interesting, unusual event that makes you curious of what’s going to happen next.

Perhaps there was an emergency accident and someone had to be admitted to a hospital.

Or a couple got divorced, or two people are rediscovering long-lost love.

Core Concept #3: The Nested Curiosity Loops

Every great soap opera simultaneously advances the main story, and builds more curiosity for what comes next.

For example, in every episode of the popular television series Lost (the first example I mentioned above), every episode opens 1 or 2 “mini-stories” within the episode that reveal more information about a character.

Sometimes it’s a flashback revealing parts of that character’s past…

Sometimes it’s an experience that happens in the present, that reveals more of that person’s character.

Yet they don’t finish that mini-story until several episodes later, by then which you’re already curious about 3 to 4 other mini-stories that opened up in the meantime. 😉

When you apply SOS elements to your emails – you get engaged readers who rave about you and your products

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