Do you plan on winning this year?

Most people spend their lives in waiting for a chance to experience something magical.
Maybe it’s a question of timing, often a question of money, and most commonly a thought of losing out (even if losing means winning).

Here’s a classic example. Marie Forleo’s Bschool.

Shopify gave 2 lucky souls a chance to win seats on this $1999 life changing course.
I entered, of course. I’m a huge fan of Marie Forleo’s and I would have loved to have had her on my winning team.
But after 2000 entries, the stakes to greatness got a little bit higher.

Personally, I only saw one winner, but I knew the odds where stacked and the competition was closed.
The energy shifted to better luck next year …. and the crowds started to part … and the year is set into motion.

But here is the thing about that. This wasn’t about winning a spot it is about being a winner.
Why play it safe for another year, and another year after that. Why not rock your world the right way up.

People make it about the people rather than the end goal, the vision, the purpose, the calling.
That’s not very SuperNovaish now is it?

Heaven forbid, what if Marie wasn’t around next year? Tragic thought and I’m banging on all the wood I can find …. However it is really plausible. Somehow you’ve pinned your dream on the medium, on the channel, on one way of doing it and it’s like that’s more important. The other stuff can click into place once we’ve had our exclusive little tea party.

There’s greatness inside of you (of all of us) banging to come out. It doesn’t want to shut up for another year. It’s getting tired of playing it safe or waiting on some sort of golden ticket.

Don’t go feeling like a loser now. Don’t even let yourself think that for a minute. You are an infinite wonder and you deserve move on up.

So what am I trying to tell you? THIS: Don’t go wasting another year waiting on the chance of a lifetime to enroll in the school of your dreams. Do something bold today. Choose to make a bang. Choose to be a winner. Choose to make 2014 a year to remember. Earn it. Work it. Be it. Marie can’t do the work for you. This is your greatest chance – right here – right now.

Go beyond your limits.

 best Marie Shaped advice of the day!

So – what are you going to do about it.

Share your comments, thoughts, and observations below !


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