A new way to be who you’ve always been

Gyms are boring. Ok, so like zillions of people out there I never subscribed to one long enough to find out why people think they’re fun. You’re indoors running and cycling in an environment that makes no sense. Before I go off on a tangent here … let me get to the point.

Why can’t excersize be a reflection of who you are. Ok, here me out before you thump me.

Imagine a personal trainer who actually got you. Someone who knew you doing push ups was agony, and found a way to supplement that with a dance class, or horse riding, or abseiling (whatever works!)

I’d much rather subscribe to that. Something holistic. … and then I saw this.

It’s a brand new and revolutionary scientific discovery which can bring you improve your health, create well being and eliminate many of your toughest problems. (and there’s no pills to pop either! ps, that’s a good thing!)

Now there’s no fencing, archery or dance classess involved, but it’s better than most of the traditional bench pressing classes out there. Oh, and there’s an upcoming freebie from my friends at MindValley



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