drawing lines in the sand

Do you find yourself breathing in magic, thinking happy thoughts, and visualizing awesomeness – and it the same breath feel resentment that things are taking their own sweet time?

Hello. I’ve been there.

It’s like driving with the hand break up (yeah, I’ll fess up and say that’s happened to me a couple times.)You’re moving, but it’s jagged and sluggish and getting you there a little slower.

Maybe you feel like the world is conspiring against you? Secretly wanting to throw every hurdle in your way. (and sometimes, not so secretly!). Whatever this is it’s knocking you off your best dance.

I’ve even tried flipping it into a bring it on mentality only to be hit by an avalanche. Yeah, I know, I asked for it right. I tricked myself thinking it was some kind of endurance test – and if it was boy did I get a bad grade.

There are only 3 scenarios here:

  1. The universe is trying to actually help you make things better
  2. The pipes got clogged up with gremlins
  3. You’re not meant to go there

Personally I’ve been getting number 3 showing up in my life in bucket loads.

  • Don’t waste your time doing that
  • Don’t get into a relationship with y,
  • Z isn’t really aligned to what you should be doing anyhoo.

But it’s the 1’s and 2’s that get most of us perplexed.

Is ______________ for my greatness or is _____________________ trying to watch me sink?

It’s usually easy to pin the tail on the nasty donkey, and harder to accept a gift when it hits you over the head.

In a world of good vs evil, angels vs demons, and all the things on street corners in between, it’s easier to think it’s just about that.

So my thoughts are, it’s a matter of perspective.

You can choose it to be a gaping wound or a nurturing call to try a little harder.

To make that choice you need to take a deep breath.

Sometimes several … and maybe some blissed out Omharmonic sounds. Esp when you’re foaming at the mouth! (It’s saved me from turning into a monster) and really listen to your heart. If that doesn’t help – pop me a message – I’m said to be a Goddess of Fresh Perspectives in my coaching circles.

And in the case of a number 3 it’s a call to say enough of you – I’m putting my power in me.



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