1 dollar blissfullness

What’s stopping you from starting your creative visualization journey? From my experience, it usually boils  down to two specific hurdles.
But first let me just remind you that you have another 4 days to start your $1 trial of the Power of Creative Visualization with
Lisa Nichols…
So what are the two specific hurdles that most people face  when pursuing any field of personal growth?
Time and money.
More often than not, both these factors will stop people from  taking that first step towards creating lasting, positive change
in their lives. And this may be the case for you right now.
Frankly, those are perfectly reasonable concerns – after all, how many truly precious commodities are there?
You’ll be familiar with some of these doubts.
“I don’t have the time to go through another home training program.”
Or “I have enough bills and expenses to worry about. I can’t  afford this!”
If either of those sound like you, I want to make your life easier.With the dollar trial, you’re paying practically nothing upfront.
For 7 full days, you’ll get access to 5 hours worth of audio from the Power of Creative Visualization program which includes two of Lisa’s most life-shifting meditation tracks.
If I knew about this sooner – I would have hanged out – but I tucked it and it was worth every penny!
To really get the most out of your 7-day dollar trial, you’ll also be  getting FULL access to the Science of Creative Visualization by
Vishen Lakhiani – an advanced visualization course that will  help you get even better results out of Lisa’s program. Or you can turn of the plug right there and then. It’s always your call.

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