Create your own blessings!

Over the past few days, over 36,000 people joined “The Secret” star Lisa Nichols and Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani in a Creative Visualization session… …and together they made history!
I’ve been following the program for some time and when I made the effort to embrace this as part of my world – things shifted.
  • I dropped things that were not serving me
  • I wrapped up the old chapter of my life
  • I started a new chapter
  • I embraced my light
  • I started writing a book
  • I only followed what mattered to me
  • I started seeing myself in a whole new way
  • Creating #SuperNovaSessions
  • Embracing the launch of (coming soon)
  • I made the choice to open up my heart (I’ll keep you posted on that)
Make 2014 the most abundant, incredible and fulfilling year of your life.
Creative Visualization will change your life   in ways you cannot even imagine now…
You will become someone who is capable of experiencing your heart’s desire in virtually every area of life – family, spiritual, wealth, health, career, every area that is important.
It doesn’t matter if you want to drive a new car, take a 5-star family vacation, lose a few excess pounds or find a way to get a payrise – or even if you want to transform your life..
Creative Visualization is the key.
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Lena Ski (Magdalena Zukowski)
Marketing Coach

 M. 079 106 2471
 Skype Name: Magdalena.Zukowski 


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