Ok. Ok. So I know it looks like I’ve fallen off the face of the planet – but don’t fret.

I’m still here.

I’ve just been on a powerful adventure that kicked off on the 21 December 2013. If you must know, I’m the proud owner of a still to be edited 150 pages first draft of my soon to be published book.

My biggest intention was to step into my greatness, and it’s an intention I’d love to extend to you. Last year got a very mixed review, but the general consensus was it suxed. This year you can change all that. I’m not interested in people who choose to play the old game any more. It really seems so 2D.

A peer Coach I know said it well. “You can choose to be supported in crisis or you can chose to be supported in greatness”. They are not the same thing. Paying attention to the crisis doesn’t become a short cut to greatness. It’s just another game altogether.

Now in theory, I hear you screaming for Greatness … but I’m not sure if that what you really want.

It’s amazing how many people but up barriers to greatness.

It might take the form of not putting in extra hours, networking, public speaking, not being seen in a certain neighbourhood, or eating your spinach. Whatever it is it’s crazy putty.

There are always these exceptions to the rules … and more than ever they have me stumped.

You want greatness but you won’t finish your homework, rock up at the important meeting, or xyz . You get the point.

Finishing 150 pages gave me a huge shift to see how I do things that win, and how I don’t do the other things. Sure, I’m not done yet. Hold the champaign! But that’s a pretty big milestone (considering I never got that far before). I’m about to tuck into the re-writes.

What are you doing to actually be in greatness …. right now …. TODAY!


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