Born Free : Reborn with Grant Owen

Unwrapping Into Sunlight (the first track off of the album entitled REBORN) on the longest day of summer, as the sun dips on the horizon of his homeland South Africa … I couldn’t help thinking this feels like a sound track in the making.

grant-owen-reborn-official-album-artHailing from L.A. by way of South Africa, Grant Owen is an eclectic singer / songwriter who seamlessly bridges the gaps between different genres.

It’s filled with melodic riffs that trickle into your ear and fill the empty space of your room,
while inspiring your foot to come to life with a gentle thud.

Often when you pick up an album for the first time you hip hop your way around it, where the music either has to catch up with you, or it takes your breath away. I haven’t pressed fast forward yet, and I am already half way through this trip.

What I’m loving that there is such an attention to musicality. Orchestrated rich, epic, road trips tripping between rockabilly landscapes, indie skies, classical structures,bygone thrills, folksy towns,and the smoothest of hippest of transitions.It cuts through all the chaos and noise and settles right under your skin.

NICE. Very Nice. The stuff tours are made of!

Debut Single ‘No Hero’ available now on itunes

Full EP-‘REBORN’ dropping this December

You want it. Even if you don’t know it yet, you really want it!

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