Are you ready to Rumble ?


The year might be wrapped up and practically under the Christmas Tree, but it ain’t over yet. I don’t know about  you, but I’m experiencing just getting started on a whole another level.

The thing is most people brush it off as next years problem.

And since when is grandness, glimmer, and glitter a problem ?

Right about now, you’re been invited to face the lion within ©. Some of you may have already started that work, some of you are in hiding, and some of you just haven’t opened your eyes to the truth of who you are.

Once you discover who you are, claim your purpose, set your intention, you’ll meet your lion.

For one guy, it meant breaking into a cold sweat. it might shape shift into  a panic attach, or lethargic paralysis.

Or …

You can choose to experience your power, strength, and crown.

That’s a choice you make.

I’ve made my choice to step into my power … and i hope that you’re up for it.  It’s just a commitment to taking one step, then another, then another to infinity…

Are you ready to Rumble ?

Are you ready to Roar ?

Are you ready to make 2014 your best year yet?

Prove it. Take to the thread and tell me one way you’ll rumble 2014 and make the commitment to it.

Or post it on my facebook wall 


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