Ground yourself with this freebie centering exercise

You might have read one of my blogs where I brought this topic up before … but now that we enter the final chapter (and even on such a day of transcendence like today) a lot of people feel like they are at the mercy of the tides. They haven’t settled roots, they haven’t discovered their ultimate truth, and find ourselves in the space of death. But that doesn’t have to be how the cookie crumbles.

Here’s why:

The Silva Method is a renowned personal growth and lifestyle program used by over 6 million people around the world in over 110 countries.

One of their most famous exercises is called the “Centering Exercise”.

People all over the world have found it to be very useful. It is known to make your mind sharper to solve problems on the go. It also helps to relax and heighten awareness. Some people even used it once to heal a back injury.

I’ve found it a powerful thing to do as we transcend from the past 2013 into the present on 2014.

(You know what I mean right?!?)

Let us tell you, it’s a mega powerful exercise. Though our fans were introduced to this 30 minute audio exercise years ago, they claim to  still experience tremendous results as long as they use it faithfully.

>>> Download or listen to the exercise for free here

Just do the Centering Exercise, and you’ll see why. So set aside half an hour when no one will interrupt you. Read over the practicing guide. Settle into a comfortable position, as this is probably the best mind conditioning experience and valuable tool you’ll ever receive.

>>> Get the Silva Centering Exercise

I’m super thrilled to be a part of this team … and having experienced some of the freebies myself, I know that you are in for a huge shift.

Shifts happen. The question is did you purchase your ticket?

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