What can purpose centered entrepreneurs learn from Madiba?

  1. Success doesn’t mean selling out. Madiba cut his presidential salary when he came to power in 1994, and handed over a further third of it as a regular donation to a children’s fund.
  2. Anything is possible. Back in the day Nelson Mandela had the odds stacked against him … but he believed in something bigger and he actually lived it … with each step … till there was freedom
  3. Living one’s life purpose. In life and in death his purpose was to unite the odds. He created harmony, built rainbows, and brought the world together.
  4. The power of forgiveness. Madiba could have held a grudge. He could have turned to war. Instead he choose to forgive and live his life … for himself.
  5. The power to create anything. Mandela took history into his own hands and shaped it. He created the world as he knew it should be. He stood up and became a leader.

What can you learn from this giant Soul ? Share your comments below.

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.

You can be that great generation.

Let your greatness blossom.” ~ Nelson Mandela


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