Razzle Dazzle them

Your stomach does a back-flip. You’re not too sure how much longer you can last.

You’re potential client chatters away as you pounce onto breadcrumbs.

They shift uneasily in their chair.

Month end is fast approaching and your bank account is still flat-lining. You start to break a sweat as your aura is filled with the pungent smell of desperation. You hope the prospective client doesn’t know just how much you need the sale …

You’re spinning now. Things are getting blurry again. They’re looking at you now … trying to suss you out? You think it’s your freckles (like that’s the deal breaker).

We’ll here’s where things get tricky. Most people melt to mush at the idea of being judged by another person. However, knowing what other people think about you is actually critical to your success.

The guys at howtofascinate.com found a charming way to tell you all the need to knows without having to face an actual jury.


So that you can find your sweet spot and bedazzle your audience with your winning formula.

You have your own unique charm and that’s as authentic as it gets. When you’re speaking to people from your personal power … you’re magnificent.

You’re honest. You’re in integrity. You’re in the flow.

And with that simple truth, and timeless actions, you become alluring.
The more enchanting you are, the greater the odds for connection.
The greater the connection the higher chance of a fit.

… and living becomes easy….

Not just in sales but in building meaningful friendships,dating and relationships, building your team, marketing, and even you’re YOU relationship.

No more smelly auras.
No more sleepless nights.
No more over-the-top-hard-work.

Yes Please! Aha !!

So what’s your secret?

PS. It’s great to know the answer to these things.

The real secret however lies in not under what label you’re defined but in your choices and your actions.

So how do you actually fascinate people ?

Here’s your invitation to move it off paper and into the real world.

It happens to be a personal favourite of mine.



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