Let’s get bold without breaking a sweat.

I bet you never would have guessed it but…Guy Kawasaki is an introvert!

I mean he’s like so out there. How can he be an introvert still put himself out there like that???

Most of us cringe at the very idea of public speaking (which happens to be more feared than death itself), or the idea of doing something that’s bold, elaborate, and visible.

The kind of thing that’s irreversible. The kind of thing that you can’t hide.The kind of thing that might possibly even live forever.

Truth is, there’s even a handful of extroverts that can’t seem to cut it either.

So it’s no longer just a personality thing (or flaw by your terms), it’s actually something that’s structural.

What does that mean?

It’s actually something that underpins your entire life and it impacts on everything you do.

How does that work?

It shows up in our beliefs, in our fears, and in the way we do (or don’t do) the things that actually warrant success. That’s where things get really fascinating … because one size doesn’t fit all. What sets you up for boldness and makes you win might be different for Bob over there.

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about one of my favourite programs online or in previous posts. Yup, the Success and Failure formula, that’s the one… Well I want to take it further than that. Who remembers this poll ? (and feel free to add your answers to the mix)

Well here’s the thing about that.

There are bigger drivers making your choices for you … and you’re limited to your structure. If it’s about being in a non committed structure for example, then you’re going to remain ambivalent about everything. You’re too scared to put yourself out there for anything … because you don’t know what it is that you’re actauly committing too.

Taking that one step further means that always second guessing your offerings/ products / niche / branding / vision / business model / purpose and even hair color …

How does that help you pay your bills month end?

I know of people who need cash but won’t promote anything in case they lock themselves into a bad deal. Trust me, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll forever be perplexed by the choice of chicken or beef on your next flight (vegans, you know what I mean!).

You’ll commit to things with an open door / clear exit plan strategy. You’ll favour long term relationships to indulge your need to be committed and free at the very same time. I’m sure you get the picture.

This is just one pf the structures you could find yourself in. Maybe it sounds familiar? I’ll go through each of these in a lot more detail in a later post so watch this space.

The thing about structures is they are not permanent. You can renovate. Bash them down. Move on.

Isn’t it time for an upgrade? Absolutely.

But here’s the thing about that. you actually have to show up.

It’s amazing to think that very thing that people want the most … if what they block the most. Do you know how many people actively block out happiness, success, love. Sounds like an oddball idea doesn’t it? Isn’t that like our fundamental wants and needs.

Here’s a little clip that you need to see.

And then here’s a video of what’s on the other side of that. #mustsee


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