Moving beyond the paradigm

I’m sure you’ve heard about the myth that we only use 10% of our brain and perhaps you’ve met people to match …

But what’s the real truth here? Now, I’ve leave the fact finding integration to the evangelists and myth busters. However there is something to be said to just how we use this impeccable resource.

Now, you know I love my social media , but it’s trashed the English language to 140 charectors. Our fast paced world of gotta-keep-up literally takes the time for smelling roses out from under our feet. In short, everything compacted – and that has to do something to our brain. I was watching a video the other day (I’d share the link but I must have trashed it) that blatantly says us humans are no better than a gold fish.


It claims that we’ve been reduced to a 6 second attention span.

I definitely know some people like that.

Whatever % of our brain we generally tend to use – we can all agree on the fact that there are things that we haven’t tapped into.

Now, I’m not going as far as other dimensions (at least not yet). You see, the thing is we’re all wired up and tuned into autopilot.

That’s the brain doing brain like things. It keeps our bodies alive but it never leaves that band camp. In fact it never leaves the realm of possibility that it knows because that’s gonna freak the brain out (and it’s going to mean doing the work to figure out what on earth is going on.

We’ve decided on the picture. We’ve created our reality. We’ve settled on the brain and discarded the mind.

It’s all very matrix like isn’t it ?

At (where I studied to become a Certified Structural Alignment Life and Marketing Coach) we often talk about it as:

“Your brain is like a computer. It is programmed for success or failure.”


Did you know there are 6 basic programs the brain uses?

Each one determines whether you succeed or fail.

Unless you change the program, you’re doomed to repeat unwanted experiences.

Here are some examples of what happens as a result of bad programming:

● Can’t make up your mind or constant second guessing

● Feeling lost and confused about what to do

● A lack of money, great relationships or purpose

● Feel overwhelmed with too much to do

● Get stuck needing to know everything before you take action

● Feel Insecure and lack confidence


Amazing isn’t it … to think it’s actually a program that you’ve uploaded.

Well the great thing is it’s time to upgrade and step into a new way of doing things. 


That’s why so many people are looking for ways to change their programming.

They’re tried strategies … that didn’t do it for them.

Now they’re lining up to move beyond the paradigm.

Just take a look at explosion of brain training tools out there to help you deal with all the fuzz … and connect you with a part of you that was long forgotten. You already know the answer. You’re just choosing to either ask the wrong question, or ask the wrong system.

This is where I start talking about other realms. You’re welcome to take it as far as astral projection.

If that floats your boat then here’s a 6 step course to do just that.

Let’s step it back to something that you already know. Your Intuition. That knowing and being able to act on it. That premonition to turn left instead of right, to start a conversation with that particular stranger, to have the answers given to you and your path enlightened.

Imagine being so powerfully intuitive that you’ll never second-guess yourself ever again.

Imagine how that affects your career – when you’re always making the right business decisions, and choosing the most trustworthy partners. Imagine being able to tune in to exactly what your partner is feeling, and how that brings the two of you even closer. Imagine being able to rely on a strong “inner voice” that gives you confident ideas and answers to help you overcome any challenge.

All of this isn’t just reserved for the lucky few who were blessed with good fortune.

Because strong intuition is something ANYONE can develop.

If you make the choice to do so.

The choice however remains yours.



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