Giving up before you start

It seemed like a good idea … at the time.

So why is it that you started out so bright eyed and bushy-tailed, determined to make things happen … and now you’re finding every  excuse to go onto Facebook and indulge in the greatest soapie of
other peoples lives ?

There’s no doubt that your idea was a game changer. It was going to revolutionize your life and finally give you the lifestyle that you  deserved.

Whether it was:

  • Waking up 1-2 hours earlier to meditate or go for a run around your block
  • Sitting down to indulge in breakfast with your loved ones
  • Taking a full hour lunch break away from your desk
  • Going to the gym after work
  • Eating healthy
  • Calling it a day at 7pm … and not doing any work after that

Or something more business minded like:

  • Writing and publishing one article a day
  • Attending at least one networking event a month
  • Finishing that online course
  • Setting up time once a week to get ahead of your accounts

These are all brilliant game changing plans … but the thing is that’s all they’ll ever be.

  • A plan.
  • A hope.
  • A good idea.

You gave up before you started.

And I mean really started. Hey, I’ll give you credit for 48 hours  of your life where you totally had this thing by the horns. I’m talking  about the time between there and now. It’s got more red tape over it than the real story behind the headline news. we might as well be in the Bermuda triangle for all we know.

Because after 48 hours … everything turns to mush and simply evaporates.

Here are 6 reasons why:

1. You never committed to the actual task.

You thought it was a good idea, you stretched, did a couple minutes of the leg work but once you broke into a sweat you were in over your head. You committed to the idea. Not the actually work.

2. You bought a ticket to La-La land.

You bought a ticket to La-La land in the hopes that you’ll just be able to drop into the life you always wanted without any of the work. Sure, there’s a lot of people out there talking about manifestion (I’ll own my spot there too) but this isn’t what we had in mind. You’re completely oblivious to what it’s all about. You actually have to flip the switch!

3. You think you’re a loser.

Waking up 1 hour early is going to change your life, but it means giving up that sweet-cozy-padded spot. Somehow you turned situations like that into meaning you’re a loser.

4. You’re buried ten feet under.

You woke up in a great mood, had your run, did your thing, and you feel great. But then you got to work and found out desk buried under a pile to post-its and to do’s. Forget lunch, you’ve just enrolled yourself for all nighters for the rest of the month.

5. You don’t ask for directions.

You have no idea what you’re doing right about now, but that’s just our little secret. So you keep spinning your wheel trying to figure out the best plan …and reading how to books under the covers. But you’ll never ask for directions – because it’s up to you and only you (Captain Solo) to figure it out. Meanwhile, the guy next door seems to have it all figured out.

6. You’re life is a soap opera.

The script is already written and you’ve just got to read the lines. If it’s not in the script – it’s not going to happen. Some Director dealt you this part so you might as well deal with it.

Those are all great excuses – aren’t they ?

Here’s a couple more.

Here’s my personal favourite:


If I said that to you would you buy it? No, then why do you keep selling it ?

That’s the thing about excuses … it’s just another way to stop before you start.


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