It’s about Soul

Everyone is talking about the come back of Soul.

I’m not sure it ever left. It just got padded over with popular culture and the art of being cool (or fitting in, however you choose to look at it). For all those who followed season 12 of American Idols you’ll know that soul music has got it covered.

But I’m not here to speak about Kree Harrison or even Candice Glover.

This morning, I “unwrapped” this little parcel that came across my desk and discovered Lael Summer’s debut album, Burden to Bear.

Born and raised in NYC, Lael Summer experienced the highs and lows of growing up in the heart of “the city that never sleeps.” It had a profound effect on the young singer who confesses, “there is nothing quite like the feeling of being unbelievably lost and alone while surrounded by millions of  people.You grow up fast.”

The once referred to it as not the come back of Soul but the comeback of Authenticity. That’s exactly what it is

In a world telling you if you’re in or out:

“How are we supposed to feel tryin’ to measure up to some ideal
come on girls let’s celebrate
we are real
got sex appeal
hoist yourselves up
get on top
take the wheel
you’re smokin’ hot”

It’s About Soul from Burden to Bear by Lael Summer

It’s an ode to being real and everything that comes with that wrapped up in funky,retro, soul-soaked, deeply lyrical,smokey blues, with a dollop of jazz, and a hint of countryesque (yes I just made up a word) vibes.

It’s about navigating the bright lights and standing in your own power. And there’s no better way to really connect with the music, or Lael, than to have a real conversation and being able to bear the burden of knowing that it’s not about what any one else thinks. It’s about living real. That alone makes her an inspiration, not to mention the way she weaves between the nuances of her vocal range.

Lael’s cover of the Hall and Oate’s tune, ‘Do What You Want, Be What You Are’ was even picked as the buzz track to watch out for by the Kings of A&R.

Lael Summer

That’s how good this album is.

So why not embrace the spirit of soul and follow your own heart by checking it out right now.

Decide for yourself. 


Mark you calendars , set your alerts, because on the January 7th, 2014 (which happens to be my birthday), it’s the official release of Lael Summer’s album Burden to Bear.

Now you’ll be able to take the journey to yourself home with you.



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