Getting in your own sweet way

Deep down, I know that you have the best of intentions and you really want a life that works … I get it. I do. In fact, I’m thrilled to hear it. But here’s were things get messy. You keep getting in the way.

Recently, I’ve started exploring Human Design Systems. (It’s a pretty sweet concept actually) as a Projector my winning strategy is waiting for an invitation.

Sounds a like warped right? Like I’m just supposed to wait for things to fall out of the sky. How am I ever going to:

  • a) get anything done
  • b) make a success of my life.

The truth is as a Projector – it actually makes 100% sense.

Making a success of things isn’t easy – but it is possible. But if you are going to trip yourself up and get in your own way, things are just going to get so much harder.

Now I bet you might think you are in fact your number 1 fan but here are 10 ways you end up getting in your own way.

1. Can’t and buts.

The ultimate-throw-in-the-towel-game-plan. Every time you’re saying you can’t you’re actually giving up. Why, because you can’t. If you try to hard you’ll prove you can … but your agenda is to show the world you can’t. So you kick up some dirt (just to show face ) and then what do you know … you can’t. Surprise!!! It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy and tag, you’re it.

2. Should. Could. Would and other expectations.

You’re trying to play clever right? I mean in theory, you’ve got it all figured out. You should do x, you could do y, and you’ll get xyz. Where did the z come from ? How did you dream that one up? Face it, you’re a back seat driver. Back seat drivers never win the race. They just talk about all the should’s,
could’s, would’s and other expectations.

3. Using your failure formula

Okay so you’re doing something. You’re actually “trying”. Now you’re really getting in your way, because you’re actually doing things that don’t work ( and doing so much of it too) Ok, I’ll give you some credit – maybe you just don’t know it’s your failure formula. So here’s the chance to get out of your own way and flip the switch to a success formula.

4. Being ambivalent

Hmmmmmmmm. Well. Stretching yourself a little thin there aren’t you?

5. Moving out of your sweet spot

There are things you do that bedazzle the rest of us …and rake in the fans. But you choose to go on vacation instead. Or maybe you prefer to be a jack of all trades is a master of none.

If so … go back and read number 3.

6. Fear of Success

Does the idea of being in the spotlight break out like a cold sweat?

Would you rather hold onto your ideas you’ll never claim, because someone else might beat you to it?

Does the idea of a promotion freak you out because it means there are even more ways to screw up and get fired ?

Admit it. You’re playing it safe (and you have mittens on for extra effect).

7. Fear of failure

Must not fail.

8. Fear of what are other people going to think.

If a person told you you were a puppy dog, would you go around chasing
your tail for treats ?

9. Fear of change

Guess you’re not ready to accept that you’re actually butterfly then.


10. Playing Dead

There is a time for fun and a time for games. Playing dead isn’t really the best of any of those two choices. Chances are, you’re not even reading this … instead you’ve joined the band as monkey
number 4. Playing Dead.


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