Thinking back to the day I dropped HOPE

In our last Mastery Workshop for I dropped hope.

It wasn’t a nasty tearful breakup … we just parted ways.

You should have seen the expression on everyone’s faces. You should have heard how they coo’d for me to just back into hope, believing that everything was going to be ok. The amount of pity I got was mind-blowing, and here I was blissfully happy with my choice to  throw the idea of hope out the window. Hope just wasn’t working for me. In fact it was doing just the anti.

The way I had designed the idea of hope was whimsical. It was a carrot on a stick. The thing is, I much prefer eating carrots then playing with them.

Maybe that’s just me.

But you wanna know the truth.

Life just got so much easier for me. Things just got so much more real for me and, I’m talking leaps where I shuffled before.

What are you dangling around for ?
What are you hoping for ?
What are you actually doing boldly about it?

Are you drawing lines or building castles in the sand?


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