Why you’re meant to live in the spotlight ?

I’ve never been a gal who has been drawn to the bright lights and yet I “lived” in a world that was full of them. Flashing cameras, super novas, starlets in the making, and a couple big egos.

As you might already know, I’ve worked through my share of the entertainment industry from: Commercials to Theater to Television, Events and yes even the Music Industry. Sometimes it felt like Hollywood, because everyone craved the glimmer of fame. (Ok, not everyone … but enough to make an impression!)

I’ve always seen myself as more of a behind the scenes kinda gal. I was the girl making it happen off camera,and behind the wings. And it wasn’t always easy. The hours were long, the personalities varied, and the stakes felt high. But there  was no denying that just like a moth gets lured to the fireside, there was something about those bright lights that I  just couldn’t shake.

The truth is – we all want it.

I’m not talking about your own reality show, endless parties, or being poached by the paparazzi. But hey, if you’re game for that … go ahead,let’s make it happen.I’m talking about why you deserve to be in the spotlight rather then behind the scenes!

As a purpose centered entrepreneur you’re here to tell your story, share your passion, create something meaningful and, share it with the world. You’ve got this amazing spirit and unique gift and people deserve to know about it. You deserve  to be celebrated … but above all you need to feel approved.

You need to feel like people get you, like people see you, like people are truly inspired to connect with you.

You become the projector.
You are the light.
Embrace that.

Let me say that again.

You are the light. You’re one of this worlds natural wonders. Embrace that. Just hold it. Feel it caress you. Feel, who you really are and what you’re really here for.

Isn’t that what you’re here for?

Now I know this sounds epic and a little crazy huh? You tell yourself you’re not here to play big and sign deals.You tell yourself you’re here to play a small game …an intimate game …a humble game.

OK. Fine. So you’re a reflector! You reflect the light in others. Maybe it’s a light that you’re created, maybe it’s a light you’re discovered, or maybe it’s a light you’ve polished up.

You’re still the light.
You’re still illuminating. You’re still mirroring that wonder. Embrace that.
Isn’t it time you stepped into your light and embraced your power?

You are meant to be living the life of your dreams. You’re meant to be amazing (even in your flaws).

Discover yours!


One thought on “Why you’re meant to live in the spotlight ?

  1. Sho Girl. I can totally dig that. That’s got me trippin on another level.
    I mean the thing is we all know this stuff, but we aren’t it. I never thought of it that way. I think I could totally own that.

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