What do you really want to create ?

Every thought, every choice, every action you take right now fills the next line of your story. Is this really the story that you want to keep writing … or are you ready to start a new chapter?

What can you do right now to give you what it is that you really want.

I’m not asking you to dream or hope or even imagine. I’m invited all of us to be. Because what I’ve learn’t about hope is that it’s to vague.. it’s too way out there … it’s too illusive… and above all it’s designed to be just a fuzzy little idea.

I’m inviting you to create.

Live the story you want to tell.
Share your passions.
Be in purpose.
Be in Life.

The truth is life doesn’t happen tomorrow. It happens today. So why hold out for tomorrow or next week or when you get XYZ?

You want to share your gift with the world then share it.
You want to shine, then stop dimming your light.
You want to get more clients, then do something about it that actually gets you the very thing you want.

Drop Integration. Drop trying to figure it out.

And I get to pack away my little universal memo whispering:
“Trust: Confidence without fear. Full stop”


And so I close with these words …


So no matter how much of today is left for you …
Do something bold. Make that connection. Tell the truth.

Ask and Receive.

Just do it. Get over yourself. Climb out of your own shadow. Do it.
Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Do it forever.


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