Could this be the biggest breakthrough in Marketing in 2013?

WARNING: If you think double-digit sales conversion rates are a thing of myth, they’re not.

This is a game changer in a helluva huge way. I’ve been applying it to a couple of my campaigns and sheez, finally it’s like paint by numbers.

So what’s the scoop?

There are a relatively small handful of entrepreneurs that have tapped into a psychological “loop-hole” that almost FORCES their prospects to become their customers and clients for life. Converting as much as 12.98%,…15.89%,…even up to 46.8% of their online visitors into paying zealots (raving fans).

Now the idea was to use the response from the audience as an estimate of how appealing the show was. But the overwhelming concern was that because the show was so experimental, that very few people would write in, if any.The show and experiment had extraordinary failure written all over it.

It went live.They expected to hear nothing but the sound of crickets. Yet the opposite happened.In fact the result was jaw-dropping. Not only that, within 3 months several billion-dollar companies were fighting over each other to advertise their products on her show.

Go figure, eh?

We’ve written a report of this experiment, the results, and how a handful of entrepreneurs are profiting from this big time.

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Several thousands of writers, CEOs, coaches, consultants, marketers, and entrepreneurs have already used this psychological strategy for their online marketing.

Their results have been almost unreal:

88 sales from 317 visitors = 27.76% conv ($19.99/mo product) 250 sales from 600 visitors = 41.46% conv ($77 product) 600 sales from 2431 visitors = 24.68% conv ($77 product) 125 sales from 787 people = 15.89% conv ($397 product) 232 sales from 659 people = 35.20% conv ($97 product) 126 sales from 971 people = 12.98% conv ($1,000 product)
102 sales from 218 people = 46.8% conv ($97 product)


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