The scoop to having the ultimate business you want!

Anyone and everyone who is tickled by the idea of venturing out on their own two feet, who’s committed to entrepreneurship and making things happen, or who wants to really move beyond the days of feeling like a start-up MUST read this gem.
We all know that the transition from employee to entrepreneurship and business owner has its own sets of in and out’s and up’s and down’s …. but, if we do it right we can take the edge off the ride.
Just because you’re going at it alone doesn’t mean you have to do it alone!
This book explores everything – face up – to actually launching, growing and running your own successful business. It’s filled with gems that work and why they work. You get to see all the pitfalls, cul-de-sacs and dead ends and what it takes it turn those the right way around.
It’s more than a book, it’s a manifesto.

Order yours!

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