Riding the wind of change to a place called home || Hurricane



First of all – the world really needs more songs like this.


It has the kind of spirit that reaches out and connects with you on so many levels. It’s got a lot of heart! So does Junior Turner. He’s first big thing was back in 2010 where he got the chance to enter a comp to create a national single for BBC Children in Need. He went on to win the competition out of 110,000 applicants to release a single for “BBC Children in Need” A couple of this other tracks went on to spearhead the hearts of charities and movements. With this album it’s said that he changed his sound up again – but for me this just feels like coming home. Like this is the space in which JnrTurner belongs …(with the perfect soundtrack to match). You can really feel this song and the tenderness in which it is portrayed. The country influence really grounds it, and gives it an earthly texture.That said, it’s got a lot of potential to be mixed up … but if they do – I hope that country vocal sticks. Lastly,It’s rememberable. And that is a really gooooood thing. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album !!! I want more of this !!!



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