Making the most of a good thing ….

I’ve had the honour to be part of two wellness festivals in the past 6 weeks – and I can across a really interesting thing. How few wellness-minded-entrepreneurs make the most of a good thing.

I was surprised how few people had a Facebook page for starters. Most of them are still saving up, buying time, for an actual website … so they don’t actually have a place to hold their clientelle.

Those that did, hardly any used it to it’s fullest capacity. I mean if you really think about it – your Facebook page is really a fully fledged micro site …. and it’s the best thing you got going for you because it’s part of a bigger ecosystem. On that level- it rocks more than any pretty faced website.

I guess most people think that Facebook is just a storage box for likes and timeless quotes ….
If that’s what you want that’s all it is ever going to be. But what if you could actually capitalize and make money from your page?

Isn’t that the ultimate desire?

Here’s something amazing. An online store that allows you to sell digital and physical products (and ship them) from both Facebook and your website. Want even better news? There is no hidden costs or set up fees. And it’s super dooper easy to install. (I don’t even speak code)

So if you have wellness products – you just opened doors nationally without having to sign up for another postal code. You can even have the team deliver your products right to the clients door.

If you are selling digital – no problemo. Load it up. Get paid. and have the system auto send it for you once the payment if cleared.

Make the most of a good thing.  Click here to find out more >>>>


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