Moving beyond Personal Mastery


Add another dimension to what you do

You’re already on purpose and you’ve found your calling for helping people…

Whether it’s dressing them up in confidence, laughing away troubles, creating spiritual spaces, or helping people let go of inhibitions …. you’re already awesome!

But sometimes clients keep bumping up against the same walls, bruising themselves, living life out of integrity, or just not showing up…

What if you could press the pause button and add a little value to their lives?
What if you could offer meaningful support by coaching your clients on the basic level.
(and creating aligned relationships with qualified coaches to shift things to a higher level)

Maybe it’s about extra cash – maybe it’s about PR- but most importantly it’s about your message. It’s about doing what you do best … helping people, guiding people, loving people.  And in doing so growing long term client relationships and a sustainable practice. 

Find out if the SELF STUDY COACH TRAINING program is right for you. 

PS. Early Bird Special available till the end of September !!! 


Honored to play a part in this amazing training program.

I wish everyone would empower themselves with these kinda of tools and take a step beyond personal mastery …

It’s really awesome stuff !!!


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