The power to be you

Some people say it takes way too much courage to be the real and authentic you.

Others don’t get that you can be anything else but you. Unless you’re an actress by profession.

The truth is most people aren’t true to the real soul. I’m not talking about two-faced or bitchyness. I’m talking about being real. When I first came face to face with my own façade, I was like man this is crazy-stupid. What was I thinking? But when it came to dropping it I went all GI Jane-kungFu. I realised just how hard the experience was, only because I chose to cling on. Feeling that murky space really took my coaching to another level, I knew the process and I had an idea of what it took to get to the other side of it.

It took dropping getting to the other side of anything and indulging in the vastness of the pure unknown.

Over the last few weeks the familiar feeling crept over me. It took me a while to get my finger on the pulse but when I realised this was my invitation to being vulnerable – I flipped.Not freaked. Flipped. In fact I had not been sooooo over the moon to experience something like this ever. But here I am feeling vulnerable and committing it to paper… telling the world…. without fear or judgement … without anticipation …..

The power of vulnerability

Here’s the discovery from the Team: People experience letting go as letting go of themselves. Like they’ll be lost out at sea, when in fact it’s more like a sense of coming home. People hold onto the bad and the ugly because it’s familiar. They’re actually avoiding the greatness because they don’t know how to experience it.

I embrace my truth. Do you?

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