Who’s Running Your Boardroom

A lot of Coaches tell you to drop the mask … but a lot of the times there’s a reason that mask is there in the first place. If you don’t know what that reason is – and what role you’re acting – then it’s going to be just that bit more’ trick-some’ to drop it.

Recently I had the privilege to  be involved in a seminar called “Who’s Running Your Boardroom”.  Basically  it explores the different parts of yourself that make life decisions and interact with the world at large.

When we panic, become anxious, perform badly at work or make bad decisions it is often because we have asked the wrong character to perform an in appropriate task. Some characters need to be fired, some characters need to be heard, some need to stop dominating.

Once we have rearranged the boardroom, we have a clear understanding of whom to call on when. This method deepens the persons understanding of self, is a mechanism for self-healing and more importantly a shift in positive and productive behavior.

What i found fascinating about the seminar was actually exploring who is sitting at my boardroom – and I’m sure you’d like to know too.


The first thing you would need to do is look at an overview of your life and cast the various parts of you.

– Do you have an Independent streak? Maybe there’s a Cowboy/girl at your table

– Do you feel the need to save the day? Pick your Superhero.

– Do you often feel scared and shy? Maybe there’s a little kid feeling a little lost

– Do you feel the need to please everyone? Maybe Miss Congeniality rocked up


Once you know the cast of your boardroom – check if there are any subcommittees forming ?


What are the relationships of the board room members?

Who’s sitting at the head of the table?

Who only attends meetings occasionally?

Who should be sitting at the table?

How could they play together to actually help you get what you want?
















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