the courage to be alive


   “to tell your story with your whole heart, to live with your whole heart, to share your whole heart.”

Does it take courage to Be IN Life?

I’ve always seen courage as the strength to push on. to keep going. I’m sure I’m not the only one who      attributed courage to the leagues of bravery.  There’s a degree of courage in Being IN life …. in telling your own story and being true to the ultimate you. And yet, there’s this surrender as well. Not giving up. Not throwing in the towel. Just surrendering to right now, right here and you.

If there’s anything we spend most  of our time fighting its ourselves. The idea of self, the expectations, the way things ought to be. Why not drop the pretext, drop the expectations, drop the masks, and discover the real meaning of being courageous. Living from the heart. Living in the moment. Living IN life. Savouring each sensation : the good, the bad, the ugly and sublime.


It takes courage to be alive. Truelly alive.  Anything else is just suicide.




2 thoughts on “the courage to be alive

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