tangled in a moment of anguish

Do you choose to react to another one’s anger or do you choose to step aside?
Do you choose to observe why this anger has manifested and what lesson there is to learn from it?

Today I find my self tangled in a web of anger. However it is not my own, or of my doing.It’s easy to get pushed into fighting it. No one ever thinks to allow themselves to get wrapped in it. Bring it on. Let it be. Whatever (without giving up)

Then I moved into figuring it out.
Is it them? Is it me?
How do I label this?
What do I do with this?
Why is it here?
Truth is it is what it is. I’m in a house filled with cobwebs.

The fact that you’re reacting to it means there’s something there for you too!!!

I don’t like cobwebs.
I like spiders even less.

Two words come to mind. Surrender and Trust. An odd combination giving the circumstances yet really fitting. The person who is spinning webs is clearly needing to express themselves. Why deny that? That’s part and parcel of the journey … and we cannot ignore that.

Why do people have this fascination for knowing everything. Where’s the fun in that?

Surrender to not knowing. Trust the space. Allow the anger to spin itself through. Let the new shape emerge from the web and hold it with gratitude and openness. It’s ok. I’m ok. You’re ok. It’s just cobwebs.
There’s always a lesson to learn.


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