move beyond what doesn’t work


Lately I’ve been finding myself in a whole new space. An exciting anything goes kinda space that has no limits (yet).

I ran into a school friend the other day and she reminded me of this little wisdom.

She asked ” do you remember the first thing I ever said to you?”

I searched my racing mind but couldn’t pin it down.

She said ” I said you were a real Angel”.

Cute huh. I thought so too and I never really looked back at it till the other day. She’s not the only being who’s talked about beings of light. Although I’m hesitant to claim the title videos like this reassure me. I’ve been waking up to a whole lot of experiences lately. I’ve been told by others there’s something there … I think it could be true. After all my soul did guide me into a total transition of the world of entertainment to being a Life Coach.
I just thought I would put it out there … and see what the universe sends back.

Enjoy the shift Darlings!




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