Hello Spring

A golden ray melts away the dark winters night to reveal what’s always been there.

It just got buried and forgotten, just like dreams. But now it’s a force to be beckoned with.

It wants to be known.

It wants to be seen.

It wants to spring to life.

This is your invitation to dawn.
To Being in Life.

Winter’s finally over.

And yet there is still a cold chill in the air. It’s a chill that reminds us how conforming hiding is … It’s the kind of chill that keeps you indoors. Stuck. Holding on to what has been. It’s tempting to slip under the blankets and turn on auto-pilot. It’s tempting to pivot. Sure. Sylvester’s advocating it !


Feel the glow of the sun on your skin and kiss the life you’ve always wanted ‘hello’. Here is your chance to step out of the woodwork and go on an adventure.



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