those really early days …

Abundance isn’t something you can google …

Well, not in a meaningful way because it’s not sorted on some external drive … It’s something out there in that bright blue planet of ours beckoning to be unearthed.

Waiting for something to happen is a direct contradiction to making it happen.

It’s a process…

Speaking of processes my facebook status today said :

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

A simple little statement and something we all seem to be experts on – but wow, how often do we lose our breath or sink into a panicked hissy fit muddling up the simplest of things. Breathing. Acknowledging the moment and how it’s affecting you. Most of all, seeing the answer or the way forward. I lost my breath today, letting a couple little irritations creep in and scratch me raw. So I called it for what it was – said NO and moved on.

You see when you’re making dust clouds and kicking up a storm, you think your dealing with it. At least your venting. You know this is a no-no and it’s not supposed to work out this way. The thing with kicking up dust is that you just end up losing perspective (unless you have some super dooper storm goggles) and you end up tired and dirty. Which means feeling ever more yucky. And that means more blegh!


Instead of banging your head against the wall, you have to actively do something about it. But you’re not going to get anywhere fast with a headful of sand. Que: Big step in backwards direction out of the problem and breath.

No matter how deserving you are ,if you don’t raise your hand and shout “PICK ME” in your most confident of voices you’ll never get it.

  Lets face it – everyone can do with a pick-me-up!

Todays reason for loving life and filling it with awesomeness is:

  • The power of No. Say it. You know you want to. Why put yourself through all that stress when you can just say NO.  We are not talking about passing the blame or a string of excuses. It’s just a two letter word with a whole loada fizzle! I just did. I was so tempted to kick up dust though, but it never ended up anywhere good before … Plan B became Plan A. Things got sorted there and then and life carried on without a humpback of rocks.
  • This blog is still alive. Granted it’s been on pause – but I couldn’t help over hearing some nagging voice from some lonely Sprite saying ‘This is trivial. Delete it. No one’s gonna read it.’ Yeah right – besides it’s not about that Mr.  I just think you’re feeling threatened….

How about you?


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