The Path of Surrender

We all know the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly. This squirming bug that slivers around, driven mainly to gluttony and consumption, only to emerge as a whimsical carefree flutterfly who embraces life and dances with the world. If you had to pick which one you’d like to be, I’m pretty sure you’re going to pick the butterfly. If ,by some strange reason, you were fated to be a caterpillar you’d quickly set upon the adventure of transformation.

We all want to be butterflies don’t we ?

But if we swoped out caterpillars with people the story would most probably settle on a really differentending. Now it’s personal. Now it includes you. Now it’s real (and painful). wherever you are in your life, you have but in a lot to get you there … and now you’re supposed to give that up. That’s freaking out material right there! The truth is there is no path to surrender. It’s an instantaneous choice – a commitment – to something else completely.

I’ve in the thick of letting go. Doesn’t sound like it does it ? Sounds like stalling right ? Sounds like doublestandards. Here’s me saying I wanna – sign me up …. and then I’m settling in for a nice deserving snooze.  Yoda said there’s doing and not doing. There’s no space for trying. I’ve never met a caterpillar who half builds a dozen cocoons because he’s just not feeling like the stars are aligned in his zone.  I settled on the idea that there is a path to Surrender. Much like a path to enlightenment …. But is Surrender something you achieve? Does it require a PhD or MBA ? Does it require a silent pilgrimage to India ?  The truth is there is no prerequisite to surrender other than actually doing it.

…. but the most interesting thing about surrender is that you don’t actually have to do a single thing. The minute you move into doing,

you’re treading water. You’re not allowing yourself to submerge … you’re resisting….

What if you could drop the act , open the window to let the smoke out, and take down

the mirrors ? Better yet … what if you could stop being the very thing you’re not and be

true to your ultimate self ?


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